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Sega to do GBA - Maybe

by Max Lake - December 28, 2000, 11:15 am EST
Source: Yahoo News

Could Sega be tinkering with the GBA?!

Is Nintendo buying Sega? For now, the answer is no. However, as the craziest rumor ever still continues to run wild, we’re all left wondering what the heck may really be going on with the two companies. Well, it seems we now have answers—or some of them anyway. Finally, Nintendo has issued a statement saying that Sega may indeed develop software for the Game Boy Advance console. Previously, there were rumors that Sonic & other Sega franchises may appear on Game Boy Color (rumors which have been floating around for awhile). Still, just recently Sega denied these rumors. So Sonic isn’t coming for GBC but it might come for GBA? Interesting.

Simultaneously, a Nintendo spokesman denied that the two companies would be developing collaborative software for the (GBA) game system. There were no comments pertaining to the rumor about Nintendo buying Sega.

Is this all there is to it, or could there be more than meets the eye? It seems that this is the best we’ll hear “officially” for some time, though it is possibly the most believable solution. Sega has stated it doesn’t view hand held consoles as competing systems and made a Sonic for the now-defunct Neo-Geo Pocket. Still, even if the two gaming giants don’t combine to make an “Uber Company” or even a cool collaborative game with Mario & Sonic, Sega GBA games is a very cool possibility.

Big thanks to reader Jay Parlar for the heads up!

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