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Konami Launch Onsluaght!

by Kosta Andreadis - December 29, 2000, 10:48 pm EST
Source: Core Magazine

Konami announces an impressive lineup of GBA games for launch.

After news recently of Nintendo's launch plans for the GBA Konami have come out publicly now to state that they plan on supporting the handheld's launch with 8 titles! The titles in no particular order are:

Silent Hill

Castlevania: Circle of the Moom

Golf Master

Monster Guardians

WaiWai Racing

PawaPro Pocket

J-League Pocket

Mail de Cute

An impressive list of games indeed as they are set to be released along side Nintendo's launch titles, albeit a little more expensive at 5800 Yen each, approximatley $9 more than a Nintendo title. Officially this brings the launch title count to 12, with only Nintendo and Konami making the list so far. More third-party launch announcements are expected very soon.

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