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David D Hints at Turok GBA

by Max Lake - October 10, 2000, 10:00 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo Web

Thanks to NintendoWeb, Turok head-honcho David Dienstbier let it slip that he is very interested in bringing everbody's favorite dinosaur hunter to Game Boy Advance.

Despite some lackluster reviews of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion it seems that the "Titan behind Turok" (as I'll cleverly dub him now) David Dienstbier is still quite enthusiastic about everyone's favorite dino hunter. Dave elusively avoids confirming any future projects (Turok or otherwise) though did have some interesting things to say.

Most notably: "The GBA is actually at the top of my most anticipated system list! It goes without saying that if we were going to develop more Turok titles, the GBA would be a great system to target."

When asked if the Turok series would ever return to its roots, Dave replies: "That would be really, really cool, wouldn't it?" You're damn right it would! Make it so! Even more importantly, make sure ya bring ol Tuork to GBA and Gamecube. Huh? Wouldyapleeze?!

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