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Zelda 2 GBA Demo: UPDATE!

by Max Lake - October 11, 2000, 4:06 pm EDT

Correction on an Oct 5th story (original reported by TendoProject).

We have a slight correction regarding / additional information on the story we posted on October 5th (& originally reported by TNP) about a Zelda 2 demo running on GBA. While we stated that Zelda 2 was not confirmed, the demo might indicate a possibility it might be coming. It's probably only wishful thinking. One of our longtime pals, Ravi "Agent Double-O" Hiranand got in touch with this correction:

"It's not a GBA game, nothing of the sort, it's just one of the earliest tech demos talked about for ages. It MIGHT be made into a game, sure, but don't bet on it. Primarily, the demo is used as a scaling and rotating tool, with Zelda 2 as a basis." Nintendo using modifications of some of their classic games as development demos. Thanks to Ravi for slapping me like a beyotch and setting the record straight!

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