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THQ Nab Tetris

by Max Lake - October 13, 2000, 12:48 pm EDT
Source: FGN Online

THQ snaps up the Tetris license for every system imaginable, but the GameCube isn't on the list. Can you say NDA?

Anyone who's ever bought or played a Gameboy console is probably all too familiar with Tetris. Well, it seems that GBA will be getting a version of the classic puzzle game too, courtesy of THQ. In an agreement with Blue Planet Software THQ acquired the rights to produce Tetris games on next-generation gaming consoles, including PS2, X-Box and Gameboy Advance. Other Tetris games may appear on other consoles too. THQ's vice chairman, Jeff Lapin sounded off on the acquisition:

"Tetris has defined puzzle gaming for over a decade on every game system. We are delighted to be partnering with Blue Planet Software as we prepare Tetris for the next wave of handheld and set top technology, as well as the expanding online environment." Online environment, eh? I'm 'bout it! If you're hungry for more details on Tetris/THQ, hit the link above to see FGN's story.

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