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Pokémon & C-Phone connectivity

by Max Lake - October 13, 2000, 1:05 pm EDT
Source: NintendoWeb.com

Nintendo releases info Gameboy cell phone adapter. This may ultimately be Japan only, but it allows Pokémasters to trade and fight over cell phones with Pokémon Crystal.

For those of you curious on what Nintendo had in mind for online connectivity via cellular phones, NintendoWeb has got some answers. In conjunction with the Japanese coming of Pokémon Crystal, on Dec. 4th, Nintendo will release a mobile-adaptor for cell phones that will allow Pokémon-masters to fight & trade their Pokémon online. It is unknown whether or not this technology will make it to the US, though it is believed that GBA's networking would be based off a similar set-up. With Pokémon, it's certainly possible that the game & device will be successful enough to make it over here. We'll see... In the meantime, get the skinny from N-Web!

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