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Zelda 2 GBA Demo

by Max Lake - October 5, 2000, 4:57 am EDT
Source: The Nintendo Project

A Zelda II demo is being shown as a development tool for GBA. Could it be something more, like a game? What does it mean?

The Nintendo Project have just reported on a tweaked demo of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (that's right, the NES game) running on Gameboy Advance. Apparently, much of the demo centers around moving an overworld map of Zelda 2 with features such as rotation; scrolling; transparency; and zoom. Thanks to their French-partner site, TNP has pictures, video and hands-on impressions of this intriguing demo, so you'll wanna bunny-hop on over there to check it all out!!!

By now means is Zelda II a confirmed GBA title, though this gives reason to believe we might be seeing this and other classics on the upcoming handheld. Is "Zelda All Stars" really too much to ask for??

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