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Megaman EXE art & screens!

by Max Lake - October 19, 2000, 2:33 pm PDT
Source: Magic Box

IGN Cube reports on Capcom's plans to support all systems with online games that are compatable with each other. Is a Capcom's Nintendo vs. Sony far off?

Magic Box has just posted some new artwork and screenshots of Megaman EXE heading to Gameboy Advance. The images show off EXE's RPG style of play namely scenes of characters conversing and a look at one of the menu-screens, which is decked out by those lovable "hardhat" characters that populate ever Mega-game. Additionally, a couple of the screens reflect the story; part of the game apparently involves a woman's oven catching fire and then "Mega Man EXE" (or whatever this new guy calls himself) jumping into a whole new battlefield within the inside of the oven. The artwork shows several characters, including a good look at the newest incarnation of Mega Man & his sleek new "jump suit meets riot gear" look. Also, Dr. Wily is very distinguishable in the background.

The Mega Man franchise (in its numerous manifestations) has long been one of Capcom's strongest and EXE marks yet another twist with Blue Bomber. Fans of the series will should happily remember Mega Man EXE is slated as a launch title for the GBA. We can't wait to continue monitoring this one's progress. Look for previews of Mega Man EXE & others in our Previews section -coming soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these:

That Mega Man may look new, but we'd recognize that evil bastard, Dr. Wily anywhere! What part will he play in this new saga? (And is the guy he's standing beside called "Dr. Afro" by any chance?)

Check out our Mega Man EXE game profile for the latest artwork, screens and info.

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