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Capcom goes multi-platform

by Mike Sklens - October 20, 2000, 12:46 pm PDT
Source: IGN Cube

IGN Cube reports on Capcom's plans to support all systems with online games that are compatable with each other. Is a Capcom's Nintendo vs. Sony far off?

Capcom announced 2 days ago that any of their upcoming games that support internet play will be going to all 5 systems. This is great news. Also, all the versions of the games will be able to play against each other, so internet gaming won't be segregated by system.

The company is moving forward with the plan, which would begin next Autumn, and would allow gamers on all five platforms to compete against one another through the internet. The content, day of delivery and retail price of the software would be the same across all platforms (an amazing feat, considering that PC games in Japan tend to cost close to 100 dollars a piece).

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