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Brownie Brown Interview

by Mike Sklens - October 22, 2000, 7:18 pm EDT
Source: Tendo Project

Brownie Brown talks about their GBA RPG, Magical Vacation. GameCube is also mentioned by this developer that is made of ex-employees of Squaresoft.

The TendoProject has snagged another interview. This time it's with the new development house Brownie Brown. It speaks about the name of the company and a bit about their current development "Magical Vacation."

Brownie Brown is focusing on "Magical Vacation" as their only product in development at this time, "in order to release it to the world as soon as possible." The team is not creating anything for Nintendo's other next-generation console at this time, "however we are very interested in Gamecube" and they may consider developing for it in the future.

From the looks of who's working there, Brownie Brown is a very talented group of people. They're made up for ex-Square members who quit cause they didn't like the direction Square was going in.

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