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More Birdy news

by Billy Berghammer - November 7, 2000, 10:16 pm EST
Source: Gamespot

The Thunderbirds know where it's at: Nintendo!

Thunderbirds is a title that Gamecube followers have heard of a long time ago. If you haven't heard, the NGC/GBA will be receiving this title using the Thunderbird license.

UK-based publisher SCi Entertainment has revealed that it has signed on to do Thunderbirds for the GBA. The game will be released in Q3 2001 to coincide with the European launch of the GBA. Thunderbirds' developer, Pukka, is currently finishing up production.

"The Thunderbirds brand is globally recognized and will transfer successfully to this format. Additionally, the mobile capabilities of the Game Boy Advance will allow us to utilize the gaming potential of Thunderbirds through our SCi Mobile Division."

The game should be released for the GBA in North America by the end of 2001. The Game Boy Advance will be released here in July.

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