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Shin'en On, You Crazy Diamond

by Jonathan Metts - September 26, 2000, 7:06 pm EDT
Source: Tendo Project

Tendo Project has updated with a profile of Iridion, a psuedo 3d shooter on the GBA.

The Nintendo Project has posted a profile for Iridion, a 3D shooter for GBA from a company called Shin'en. Iridion was first announced as a GBC game in the style of R-Type about a year ago. Since then, development on the title has moved over to the GB Advance, and the game has received a gorgeous pseudo-3D makeover. It's also expected to have a fantastic soundtrack, thanks to Shin'en's unique sound development tools. The game is currently awaiting a publisher so that principle development can begin.

Interestingly, I emailed Shin'en about GameCube (then known as Dolphin) development back when Iridion was first announced. At that time, they said they were open to the possibility, but that they had zero information on the system. So have things changed now? I'll try to contact them for an update, so stay tuned!

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