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New GBA Screens

by Ty Shughart - November 20, 2000, 6:05 am EST
Source: Daily Radar UK

And the river keeps on flowing...

Daily Radar UK has new info & screens on Crawfish's GBA games in development. Here's a piece of it:

Last week we presented you with a world-exclusive look at three Game Boy Advance games currently in development with Crawfish. The three demos are all stunning affairs, consisting of a Mode 7-style racing game, an isometrically-viewed flying game, and a truly mindblowing first-person shooter. Crawfish have kindly furnished us with plenty more shots of these games, which you can see below (click on each pic to view a bigger version). In particular, we think you'll agree that the first-person shooter - complete with the first map of Doom II installed, to show of just what the plucky little machine can do - is astounding.


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