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Riddle Me This....

by Kosta Andreadis - September 18, 2000, 5:48 am EDT
Source: Game Informer (R.I.P.)

Information about Hudson's new puzzle game, Hatena Satena for GBA.

Well looks like we can chalk up another puzzle game thats headed to the GBA. Developed by Hudson Soft, Hatena Satena claims to be different from other puzzlers out there. The game centers around you working with Hatena's aliens completing puzzles along the way consisting of numbered blocks. The interesting twist however is that upon completion extra 'dimensions' are then added, with the blocks also having to be arranged in order to form a picture (aswell as being in numerical order). Hudson have dubbed this puzzle game "Illustro-logic" and sounds very interesing. Click on the link to get some early pics courtesy of Game Informer. One question arises though, where the heck is Tetris?

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