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Everything, Everything

by Kosta Andreadis - September 9, 2000, 10:05 pm PDT
Source: CVG report

Capcom confirms that ALL of its major franchises will appear on the GameCube.

When CVG asked a Capcom rep if any of their other popular game licenses such as Street fighter would make their way onto Gamecube he responded, "You can expect all major Capcom franchises to appear on Gamecube..... I can't confirm the actual projects, but we certainly knew Resident Evil 0 would be announced today. I can't confirm or deny if any more announcements will be made in the run-up to Tokyo Game Show." Translation? Yeeeeee-Haw! How many Capcom franchises can you name? Mega Man, Street Fighter, Dino Crisis and Strider are but a few and to think that any or "all" of these would make a Gamecube appearance seems to re-affirm how great and developer friendly the console really is.

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