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ECTS: Small GBA showing

by Max Lake - September 3, 2000, 7:53 pm EDT
Source: The Nintendo Project

Learn about some of the games shown during the ECTS!

Straight from ECTS, the Nintendo Project has a correspondent (heck, Brian, do you have an international army of media assasins?) who reports that compared to the ten Gameboy Advance titles shown at Space World, there are only four at ECTS. Which four? Mario Kart Advance, Konami's All Star Racing (known as Waiwai Racing in Japan), Kuru Kuru Kuruin and Pinobee: Quest of Heart (known as The Adventures of Pinobee in Japan).

Since this is a European show, the name changes of Waiwai & Pinobee increase chances of these titles seeing U.S. release. Waiwai/All Star Racing features Goemon & other Konami characters & Billy said it may be even cooler than Mario Kart Advance! Hang tight, the Planet is working on previews of these & other GBA/GC games coming real soon!

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