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GBA Love from GenCon

by Mike Sklens - August 10, 2000, 9:21 pm EDT
Source: http://www.magi-nation.co

GBA news will be at GenCon. Wait, the headline already says that. Oh well.

Straight outta my hometown, more news about GBA pops up at GenCon. If you don't know what GenCon is...it's probably the largest Role Playing/Trading Card Game convention in the US. Or...so I've heard. Funny, I lived in brewtown for almost 26 years, and never went to GenCon. Video Game/Computer RPG's seem to be popping up a bit more there. Looks like I should go home more often. :)

Anyhoo...Looks like the GBA will have no RPG shortage. A new company called Interactive Imagination, which is made up of old staffers of Square and NOA, are working on a RPG for the GBA.

Since this is coming from brew town I must keep the entire document preserved. Well....at least the good stuff.

Milwaukee, WI (GenCon) – August 10, 2000 – Newly formed Interactive Imagination, a Seattle-based game company, today unleashed its exciting new franchise: Magi-NationTM (www.magi-nation.com). Making its world debut at Wizards of the Coast’s popular GenCon gaming event (August 10-13, 2000), Interactive Imagination has revealed its plans to launch this original RPG brand and extend the license to videogames, trading cards, comic books and storybooks to dedicated Role Playing Game (RPG) fans. Magi-NationTM puts a distinctly American touch on a traditionally foreign phenomenon.

Drawing on their experiences at such companies as Nintendo of America and SquareSoft where their expertise aided in the growth of the video game industry, senior management at Interactive ImaginationTM are focused on stimulating the growth of Magi-Nation.

"The Magi-NationTM concept was created to attract those RPG fans who have outgrown the childish nature of some fantasy games and who are intimidated by the complex gameplay of others," says Rich Silveira, President and CEO of Interactive Imagination. "With appeal to children, teens and adults, Magi-NationTM stands out from the competition due to its unique play experience, highly addictive strategy and intriguing storyline."

Magi-NationTM for GameBoy® Color

In the mystical and monstrous worlds of Magi-NationTM, players discover vivid environments and learn the way of the Magi. A blend of classical RPG adventure and elements of collectibility, Magi-Nation™ players embody the role of a young boy who has been caught in an inexplicable dimension that transports him to the mystical land of Magi-Nation™. Players summon mysterious dream creatures to join in the adventuring party and battle Shadow Magi from the sinister Core region.

Magi-Nation for Game Boy Color will be available in late December/early January. The company also has plans for a Game Boy Advance version of the game to be released in the spring of 2001.

Young RPG fans will discover the origins of the Moonlands of Magi-Nation™ and learn about the foundation of its unique magic and geographical regions. Within the game, players can explore the world to discover the magical relics and spells of each realm. The capital city of each region boasts a fine bestiary, brimming with amazing magical creatures!

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