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Never enough GBA

by Kosta Andreadis - August 22, 2000, 2:13 am EDT
Source: Gamespot

New stuff about 3 games can be found be clicking up there!

Well we can never get enough game announcements here at the Planet, especially when they concern a nifty little handheld by the name of Game Boy Advance. New additions to the GBA family of growing software are three titles that will appear at Spaceworld in thext few days. The first and probably only well-known franchise based game is Konami's horror series Silent Hill which is said to play like a horror storybook. Interesting, hopefully we'll see a N-Cube counterpart.

Next we have Reiji's Space Hexcite X, by relatively unknown developer Jordan which will be a puzzle game, that funnily enough will revolve around hexagonial shapes. Yawn.

Hexogonal Space Puzzle

Last up we have a new one from Hudson, who are also developing Momotaro Matsuri (see archives), who will bringing their action platformer The Adventures of Pinobee to the GBA. Currently 60% complete the game revolves around the platforming adventures of a pinocchio like mechanical bee and is expected to be released this winter in Japan.

Thanks goes to the hardworkers at GameSpot for this news, and be sure to check our SpaceWorld coverage bi-hourly for all the breakin' news n' previews on any and all GBA games.

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