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GBA Roundup with MP3s

by Ty Shughart - August 24, 2000, 2:41 am EDT
Source: Nintendo's GBA info

This sums up just about everything we know about GBA so far.

Here's what we've got on GBA so far:

It'll launch for 9,800 yen on March 21, 2001. (In Japan, mind you.)

The songs used to demo the GBA hardware at the GBA developers conference last April are now available to the public, our buddies at pocket.ign have the story and mp3s.

And here's a list of freshly announced games:

F-Zero (Nintendo)

Tactics Ogre Gaiden (Nintendo)

Wario Land 4 (Nintendo)

Fire Emblem (Nintendo)

Star Communicator (Konami)

Monster Breed (Konami)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Konami)

Bomberman (Hudson Soft)

Advanced Fire Pro Wrestling (Spike)

Winning Post (Koei)

Make a point to check NOA's GBA info ... there's some very nice pictures of the system itself, as well as some tech specs.

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