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Movies Galore!

by Billy Berghammer - August 24, 2000, 9:26 am EDT

So... You say that you want to see the GameCube demo reels, eh? Well... Come on in!

Movies brutha! We got 'em! Granted I wouldn't of minded seeing a crapload more of GameCube footage, but from what we got to see in motion made me fill 'dem Depends. And we're bringin' the Depend fillin' action to you!

Here's Three Fresh new MPEG's (yeah real video sucks) for ya!

Click HERE for Wave Race! C'mon say it with me...WAVE RACE! Woohoo!

Click HERE for the Mario (or is it Luigi?) title.

Click HERE for the finale mix down of all the titles shown!

And compliments of the fine freaks at Tendo Box: (two words)

Click HERE for the incredible Zelda footage.

Click HERE for Samus and her bad ass self!

More video coming soon to a theat...uhhhhh...your monitor soon!

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