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Billy Speaks

by Ty Shughart - August 25, 2000, 9:55 am PDT

Ty talks to Billy and gets some stuff on Billy's Space World experience so far.

A had a chat with our tired-as-hell Editor in Chief just now, here's what he had to say:

"No mountain dew here .... did drink some weird green imposter tho"

Now, seriously, this is what I've got to post. Almost exactly what Billy said, just edited for clarity. Some pretty important things, so look alive:

The Dolphin controller isn't done yet. There's still a missing ingredient or two. Shiggy isn't putting the final touches on until later .... fear of competitors stealing things. Also, the colors aren't final either; they're waiting for a reaction.

StarCube was supposed to be the real name, but they changed it in the last minute. Supposedly, because it didn't fly well.

Mikey (from TB, silly reader) and Billy have searched all over for a 64DD and can't find one... ironically they have Super Famicoms and Famicoms at a lot of the stores.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed what's a tech demo and what isn't. They won't, actually. "All can be produced by the system and in real time."

On to Metroid, as you well know, Retro is doing the game. "But you can add to that Shiggy is keeping an eye on the project. Even though today he joked there was no Metroid footage today when asked."

NST is doing Wave Race.

Billy predicts Rogue Squadron will be ready for the US launch.

ECTS will not have Game Cube stuff at it.

Rare has been very MIA. Absolutely nothing on it yet, save that Joanna render we saw in that video.

Sin and Punishment is not slated to release in the US, at least not yet, it's still pending. "But the game is fantastic!" Billy personally believes it will come out, probably in the Spring of 2001.

As for the GBA linking games, you only need one cart between them. That's right. I said "WOAH". Billy said "YEAH."

Nintendo isn't talking about delays in the US anymore, but the GBA should launch simultaniously in Europe, Austrailia, and the US.

Billy's comments on his favorite games of the show so far:

N64 - "Sin, and Dance Dance believe it or not. It was fun as hell."

GBA - "Konami's Wacky Racing. Better than Kart? I don't know."

GBC - "Tie between Bubble Bobble Millenium and Mario Tennis."

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