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SW - Day #3

by Billy Berghammer - August 26, 2000, 4:06 pm EDT

Billy talks about the third and final day of Space World.

7:37am Japan Time - Good morning again folks! It's Day #3 of Space World, and today we will be feeding you most of our impressions of GBA games. I didn't get a chance to post my impressions yesterday due to the fact we did a little sight seeing and shopping. Still no 64DD anywhere, and no freakin' Mountain Dew. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I'm going to ask our connections with Nintendo if they know why there aren't any available. Very odd.

Here are some interesting notes about what I've seen at the show floor:

1. Perfect Dark looks to be popular. Why is this interesting you say? Generally first person shooters aren't all that popular in Japan. These people seem to like it, which is good.

2. 54,000 people showed up for Day #1 of Space World. When you see the crowd shots you'll understand how difficult it is to actually play a game here. Once it's about noon here, it's at least an hour wait to get on any of the good games. Blech.

3. Pokemon is a cancer. Everywhere you look people are either whipping out a GBC, or playing cards. Everywhere. On the show floor, near the smoking sections, in line...you name it. And this is adults and kids. Ever felt weird playing your GBC in public? Come here! You'll fit right in!

4. The crowd is very young in general. I think I'm one of the oldest people playing games. A definate switch from E3. Kids freakin' everywhere. And they seem to multiply.

5. Very few people that are attending the show outside of press know what the GameCube actually is. There is no trace of it on the show floor. Nintendo is pimping GBA like no other. From the looks of it...they are succeeding tremendously.

Well that's about it for now. Also, another thing. No food + No sleep + super MF high humidity = Exhaustion. Remember that. :)

I'll be back on later with more impressions. I've played all but 1 GBA game, and let me tell you...this system is going to be amazing. Did you have any doubts?

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