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HAL Game for Launch?

by Ed Shih - June 21, 2000, 8:47 am PDT
Source: CoreMag's HAL interview

Could we get a HAL game for the Dolphin's launch? It looks like it!

The folks over at Core Magazine have posted an interview Masahiro Sukarai from HAL. It's mostly vague references with a smattering of Dolphin talk, but that's pretty much the norm until Spaceworld. If anything, it's further confirmation that Nintendo has plenty going on internally and that there's plenty of Dolphin info that can't be revealed right now...damn NDA's. Click on the Related Link for the full scoop.

Question: We've heard Mr. Iwada (HAL) has been busy heading between Nintendo of America and NCL with Dolphin related business. We've been lead to believe your secret project will be released around the same time as Dolphin. Any truth to that?

Sakurai-san: I suppose that's a fair guess. [laughs..]

Question: Based on your development portfolio, it seems like you're determined to release games alongside new hardware, right?

Sakurai-san: That's not entirely true, I have worked on GameBoy Color for a while..

Question: No, I mean new hardware. It seems like you're always developing a launch title for new Nintendo platforms.

Sakurai-san: I suppose you're right.

Question: So what's the status of Dolphin hardware development?

Sakurai-san: That's really a company secret. Only one internal team is privy to that information, and they're under lock and key. I'm not a part of that team.

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