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Yamauchi on Crack?

by Mike Hrusecky - July 28, 2000, 9:50 am EDT
Source: Game Informer

Well that maybe harsh, but Yamauchi had a few confusing words for the Nikkei Industrial Daily regarding GBA and Dolphin.

Well that maybe harsh, but it seems that Yamauchi had a few words for Japanese newspaper the Nikkei Industrial Daily. Rather confusing too. Dolphin less important to Nintendo than the GBA? Could Nintendo really be changing their focus? Seeing is the Gameboy is Nintendo's sure fire winner (big freakin' cash cow), this news doesn't surprise me. It alarms me conciderably though. As well as this makes me a little concerned about how much will be shown at Spaceworld. But since Dolphin and GBA will interact...I'm not too scared. Here's the juice...and let us know what you think!

While talking about the fact that software capacity cannot match the ever-increasing specs of its hardware, he made an immediate solution using the Game Boy handheld. Starting in December, Nintendo is going to start a service that will allow downloading of game info to the GB, a pattern that may continue on a much broader scale. Says Yamauchi, "We will also suggest new ways of using the machine, like characters exchanges and linking them to home-use of Dolphin machines."

The article, with Yamauchi still on the topic of software, mentioned how he suggested that Nintendo is "distancing itself from the intense competition of the home-use game machine market. Nintendo's strategy of producing sure-fire hits from a few selected titles isn't working in the face of the strategy adopted by Sony Corp. of grouping its many software companies." From this state of affairs, Nintendo is planning to make the Game Boy and its Advance successor the company's top priority.

With the Pokemon line playing a role in all of this, the handheld's lineage is closely linked to Nintendo's overall corporate structure. The article mentions that some recently appointed board members all had a hand in the Game Boy legacy, a tie-in that seems most likely necessary for Yamauchi's successor and the company's future.

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