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Early Spaceworld Line Up

by Mike Hrusecky - July 28, 2000, 9:47 am EDT
Source: Famitsu.com

A quick list of N64, GBC, and GBA (werd) games that we will be seeing at Spaceworld!

Nothing yet on the Dolphin front but here's a quick list of N64, GBC, and GBA (werd) games that we will be seeing at Spaceworld. 2 things on this list just grab me, shake me around, and scream "Who's yo Daddy". Mario Tennis for GBC (there better damn well be one more use for the Transfer Pak), and Mario Kart for the GBA. Those two right there are worth keeping an eye on! More Tennis and Kart....am I the only one drooling here?

Stay Tuned to PlanetN2000 for complete Spaceworld Coverage. Can you believe it's less than a month away? Thanks to Gamefan for the Translated list.

Game Boy Advance:

Mario Kart Advance

Kuru Kuru Rin (Spinning Round and Round)

Ougon No Taiyou (Golden Sun)


Nintendo 64:

Echo Delta

Animal Forest

Crime & Punishment

Mario Party 3

Custom Robo V2

Mickey's Speedway USA


Perfect Dark

Mysterious Dungeon 2

Game Boy Color:

Donkey Kong 2001

Legend of Zelda: The Forbidden Fruit

Legend of Stafe

Pokemon Puzzle League

Mysterious Zonaa

Tottoko Hamu Taro: Monumental Battle

Mario Tennis

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