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MusyX for GBA

by Steven Thomas - June 22, 2000, 1:45 pm EDT
Source: Factor 5's MusyX

Factor 5 just recently posted the details about its sound system, MusyX for GBA on their website.

Factor 5 just recently posted the specifications for MusyX for GBA on their website.

Word on the block is that the sound system for GBA is significantly better than the sound system for GB or GBC, and equals or exceeds that of the SNES. How does 32 channels, and built-in Dolby Surround (with headphones) grab you? Unless Nintendo includes some killer speakers with the GBA, it looks as though playing with headphones on will be the only way to fly (not that your parents would mind!)


Up to 32 mixed sample voices

Fully supports the synthetic Programmable Sound Generation (PSG) voices from the traditional Game Boy system

Mixes samples in 16 bits to avoid premature clipping artifacts

Uses sample interpolation to reduce sample aliasing noise

Features pulse-width-modulated synthesis

Supports a true stereo delay buffer for reverb effects

Supports surround realtime encoding for psycho-acoustic effects

Uses both dynamic and fixed voice allocation

Fully scalable system architecture allows you to configure the system to meet your specific

application's needs

True 32-bit highly optimized assembler core routines


Uses MIDI-1 files with arbitrary loop points

Ability to dynamically speed up or slow down the speed of the song at run time as well as

from the MIDI master track

Special MIDI controller can affect dynamic voice allocation

Can temporarily freeze song states in order to cue jingles


Number of sequenced songs is only limited by Game Pak memory

Up to 16384 samples can be specified

Up to 16384 sound effects can be created

Thanks go to Factor 5 for letting me in on this information!

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