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by Kosta Andreadis - June 6, 2000, 10:09 pm EDT
Source: MSNBC

GBA Shoulder Buttons! Huzzah!

A little while ago Pocket IGN reported with a hands-on look at the development kits for the GameBoy Advance. Now over at MSNBC, reporter Steven Kent has given his report on the GBA development kits with some new insight to the handheld. The big news from the article is that the GBA (or AGB as some call it) will feature shoulder buttons, much like the SNES and Nintendo 64. This comes as good news to most as earlier it was reported that the handheld would not feature these buttons.

Other news revealed by the article is that one demo featured a clip from a Seatttle Supersonics game running at 15 fps, displaying the handhelds FMV capabilities. Also the GBA will feature superior battery life than that of the Game Boy Color, which is report to be 20 hours of life compared to the GBC's 12 hours, both running on two AA batteries. Click on the link to read the full article.

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