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GBA When?

by Billy Berghammer - March 20, 2000, 11:43 pm EST
Source: MVC

A GBA Delay is looking more and more likely and here's some reasons why...

Obviously most of us here at Planet N2000 aren't holding their breath for a Fall release of the GBA. With the GBC selling so well (and generally no competition), it would be pointless for Nintendo to feel the need to release the new handheld. Not that 95% of the people that read this rag wouldn't purchase it upon release. Heh heh. Here's a few chunks of fun of other possible reasons why the system may be delayed.

As announced, Nintendo's Dolphin will be delayed until 2001. Few details are available. The word on Game Boy Advance is similar — late — but details are more obtainable. The 32-bit successor to Game Boy Color was slated to be released this November. Several developers have been hard at work for the past six months on titles that are expected to be complete by the handheld's launch. Now it seems things are up in the air regarding a release date for the portable. MCV has learned Nintendo is pondering whether to integrate GB Advance into Dolphin, possibly as a controller.

Some other plans alluded to by Nintendo President Minoru Arakawa suggest uses for the portable may include wireless access to the Internet to play games in addition to the sending and retrieval of email.

One thing is certain, the new specs for the system will allow publishers to port 16-bit SNES titles over to the system with ease. That is one reason many publishers may flock to support the system regardless of when it is released.

The CPU is a 32-bit RISC by UK-based chip manufacturer ARM. The display will be 40.8mm by 61.2mm, and the unit will weigh 140 grams. The screen will be a reflective TFT color LCD with a resolution of 250 x 160, with more than 65,000 colors being displayed on screen. The unit will use two AA alkaline batteries that will last 20 hours, according to a Nintendo official.

Although no price official price has been set, a figure of $99 is seen by Nintendo as a mark that makes sense for consumers.

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