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GBA developments

by Billy Berghammer - March 2, 2000, 9:02 am EST
Source: Nintendojo

GBA testing seems to be well underway...

Dojo reports that GBA dev kits have been out in developers hands for 5-6 weeks already, and that there is already a shortage of Kits. More kits are on the way soon. If anyone needs play testers I'm sure I could find a few takers.

Game Boy Advance development kits have been exceedingly hard to come by, and the situation is not expected to be alleviated in the near future. According to a source at a third-party development house, Nintendo plans to release the next wave of Game Boy Advance development kits around the end of March.

According to the source, the first development kits were released to third-parties 5 or 6 weeks ago...Sometime shortly after the beginning of the new year. Approximentally 40 kits were released, based on an educated guess by the source. Nintendo's director of third-party developer affairs sent official notice stating that this next wave will be available by April.

Numerous developers have expressed to Nintendojo that they have been searching in vain for a development kit, because they would love to begin working on games for the 32-bit handheld. In fact, these developers have games planned, but without development kits, they can not bring these plans to life. With the release date set for November, but widely expected to be delayed, hopefully Nintendo can release additional development kits to the anticipatory, open arms of third-party developers everywhere.

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