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Paragon 5 and Nintendo

by Kosta Andreadis - February 8, 2000, 11:17 pm EST
Source: Nintendojo

Nintendojo interviewed this small group about their future plans. Might they include Dolphin?

Relatively unknown developer Paragon 5, who were responsible for releasing a free Gameboy ROM which held 10 music tracks that showcased their impressive audio abilities, have expressed interest in Nintendo's upcoming consoles. The company also have recently signed a secretive agreement with Nintendo, which most developers tied to the big N seem to have done seems to indicate that they are developing for the next-generation Gameboy as well as the Dolphin. Nintendojo interviewed the company's managing director who had something to say on their plans for the future:

Paragon recently entered into an agreement with Nintendo. What, if anything, can you tell us about this agreement?

For the first time in my life I'm going to give an answer that I have always hated seeing as a reader. 'No comment'. How come NDA's have to make you feel bad about yourself?

Paragon's web site information states that it is a developer for "next generation console machines." Besides the GBC, are there any other consoles Paragon is interested in...Game Boy Advance, PSX2, or Dolphin, perhaps?

Right off the bat we can definitely tell you we're interested in the Game Boy Advance. It has all the features that makes the GBColor attractive to us (pixel art,chip music,code optimization) plus the opportunity of finding new tricks and facets of gameplay. Of the concrete information we have received plus the rumors floating around for some of the add-ons it seems to be a great machine.

We also are quite excited about the PSX2 & Dolphin, these machine are the exact opposite of the GBColor and as a result present new challenges to us as a team. We hope to get into full-time development on these systems sometime in the future once we have completely established ourselves on the GBColor & Advance.

So in a nutshell, what makes Paragon 5 unique?

We feel that our vast experience pushing the limits of various 8 and 16 bit machines allows us to present a technically superior product to the end user. It seems as if 3/4 of the games created today are by artists that have never used anything besides photoshop and coders that only knew how to use C++ before they started on this platform.

Paragon 5 are definitely developing for the Gameboy Advance and judging by their good relationship with Nintendo and their general interest in the next-generation of platforms a possible Dolphin title by them isn't out of the question.

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