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Black and White

by Billy Berghammer - February 7, 2000, 11:13 pm EST
Source: FGNOnline

NO! A Michael Jackson game on the GBA? Say it isn't so.

NO! A Michael Jackson game on the GBA? Say it isn't so. Kidding. After the Sega version I believe people realized that was one person they should have left out of video games. Anyhoo, FGN had a story about a company called M4 coming out with a game called Black and White for GBA. Peter Molyneux has designed the game, and it is rumored to also use the online capabilities of the GBA. Here's the juice.

"In '98 we did proposals to Virgin Interactive for Resident Evil and Street Fighter Alpha," explained Creative Director, Tim Hull. "We were asked to do the RE title but turned it down due to contractual reasons. Virgin approached us again with a new deal for Dino Crisis, which was much better."

Speaking about the recently signed deal with Lionhead Studios, Hull continued, "We approached EA Europe about a completely different bunch of titles and the company spent forever trying to work out if it was possible for them to make money on GBC. After four months EA decided it wasn't possible.

"Meanwhile EA introduced us to Lionhead Studios where we met Peter Molyneux and discussed the possibilities of Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions of Black & White. Lionhead interviewed several Game Boy developers from the U.K. and finally decided that we were the preferred choice.

"EA turned down the proposal that the M4/Lionhead alliance put to them because EA had just decided they didn't want to do any Game Boy stuff. We quickly moved on a deal with Lionhead to take the handheld license for B&W and seek a publisher. To this date we have not found a publisher that has the right attitude to B&W for the handheld market. There are plenty of kids out there who would want to play such a game on a simplified basis. It could really do something amazing on Game Boy Advance."

M4 does all the design work for all the games it works on. "So far everyone who has worked with us has liked our approach and tend to just let us get on with it – which is a perfect working relationship for us," added Hull.

The creative director believes M4 was selected for these jobs due to it being very forthright and honest. "It seems that a lot of publishers like this in a developer," he said. "We don't hide our heads in the sand when something goes wrong..."

Release dates for both titles have yet to be announced.

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