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Trivia Tonight!

by Billy Berghammer - January 28, 2000, 12:20 am PST

Don't miss out on Round #7 of Trivia!

Game on! Tonight is the night! Round #7! Join us Tonight at 8pm CST for Planet Trivia! You got skills baby? You think you know Nintendo inside out? Well join us tonight!

If you haven't seen the rules, here they are:


All non-staffers of PlanetN2000 are free to participate. The first to answer each question correctly gets the amount of points specified with the question. All questions and answers are to be in-channel only. (No private messages). The person with the highest amount of points is the winner.

In the event that no one can answer a question correctly, no points will be given for that question.

All decisions by the judges are final.

Disruption in the channel results in getting kicked or banned from chat, at the judges' discretion. This includes certain things like asking for the next question, swearing, being overly obnoxious (being semi-obnoxious is okay...we are having fun), disrespecting channel ops, or generally just being an ass.

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