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Saffire FPS Info

by Billy Berghammer - January 27, 2000, 11:11 am PST
Source: Nintendorks

Information on Saffire's FPS game planned for Dolphin.

The fine folks over at Nintendorks have recently had another chat with Saffire. In there adventures they have gotten a few new words about Saffire's new FPS for Dolphin. Word is the game is coming along nicely. WERD! Here's the giblets....

  • The first-person shooter is said to be coming along quite nicely, and we can expect more information on the game in as little as two weeks. Perhaps this will set off a chain of Dolphin software announcements throughout the industry.

  • Nintendorks was assured that there is another game in the works. The unnamed publisher of the title does not want to release any information on it quite yet, however.

  • The Big S also suggested other Dolphin projects have been thrown their way that they may consider doing. God bless Saffire (that would be the company we're talking about).

  • And how is Saffire (the game used to be titled Young Olympians) coming along? Quite nicely, along with S.A.G.E. What system will the game be for? It all depends on when Saffire (the developer) gets the dev kits in.

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