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Final Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Reveals New Ultra Beasts, Variants

by Donald Theriault - November 14, 2016, 6:42 am PST
Total comments: 2 Source: Pokemon Company

Some of this might be familiar from the demo

The Pokémon Company released the final pre-launch trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon today.

Each Alolan starter's final form will have an exclusive Z-move: Decidueye will launch Sinister Arrow Raid, Incineroar will land a Malicious Moonsault, and Primarina will perform an Oceanic Operetta.

A couple of new Ultra Beasts, #3 "Lighting" and #5 "Gluttony" were revealed, striking a Slowbro and a Carbink for major damage. Two new Alolan forms were also revealed: Diglett and Dugtrio will now be Ground/Steel types with the "Tangled Hair" ability replacing Arena Trap that lowers Speed on contact. Alolan Dugtrio was first spotted in the special Sun and Moon demo.

Finally, all regions will have access to the mythical Magearna through QR scanning, with details to come for North America shortly. Magearna joins Ash-Greninja (from the demo) and Munchlax (a launch Mystery Gift) as gift Pokémon in Sun and Moon.



nickmitchNovember 14, 2016

Decidueye's move didn't make the "Super Effective" noise when it landed.  Does that mean it's a ghost-type move?

ClexYoshiNovember 14, 2016

It IS a ghost type move~! the move pairs with Spirit Shackle, so...

this is by far the most content-lite of all the trailers, but given leaks, There really isn't much more they could have highlighted here. there's only a small handful of pokemon left unrevealed, and one or two big mechincs they could feasibly highlight that I'm sure they'd rather leave plaeyrs to discover for themselves.

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