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Nintendo Adds Second Day Of Treehouse Live At E3

by Donald Theriault - June 2, 2016, 7:55 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Pokemon Company

So much for all Zelda, all the time.

Nintendo's E3 plans will include a lot of Zelda, but a lot of other things as well..

The first sign came when the Japanese Twitter account for Pokémon sent a message today confirming both Pokémon Sun and Moon as well as Pokémon Go, would have a presence at Treehouse Live.

Nintendo later followed up with a press release confirming the Treehouse Live show would now be a two-day affair, with day 1 being Zelda for Wii U and Pokémon Sun and Moon. Day 2 will feature "upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles" including (but not limited to) Monster Hunter Generations, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Dragon Quest VII. There will also be an opening Q&A about Pokémon Go at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern on Day 2.


Ian SaneJune 02, 2016

So Nintendo realized that showing only one game at E3 despite having more than that available to show was a stupid idea and have changed plans accordingly.  Good for them.  Of course this is the conclusion you're supposed to come to behind closed doors, not a month or so after revealing your initial plans publicly and observing ridicule and concern from your target audience.

Anyway I now feel I should pay some attention to E3 so this is great news.

OedoJune 02, 2016

Here's hoping we finally get a release date for Dragon Quest VII (and with some luck VIII as well, even if they end up moving it to early 2017).

LemonadeJune 02, 2016

The Treehouse Live has been really good in past years, so Im glad they will be showing more than just Zelda.

pololmejorJune 03, 2016

I'm starting to feel the lack of a Digital Event this year...

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