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New Pokemon Sun And Moon Details: Box Legends, Characters Named

by Donald Theriault - June 2, 2016, 6:13 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Pokemon Company

Pretty close to a trademarked name

The Pokémon Company has released a new video naming the version legendaries and some of the characters in Pokémon Sun/Moon.

Sun's mascot will be Solgaleo, a Steel/Psychic type. Its Full Metal Body ability blocks stat changes, and its trademark move is Sunsteel Strike. Moon will be helmed by Lunala, a Psychic/Ghost type with Shadow Shield (reduces super-effective damage at full health) as an ability and the trademark move is Moongeist Beam which was super effective against Gengar.

The trailer also confirmed skin tone choices for the player character, and some character names were given. The professor is Kukui, and his assistant is Lillie. The friendly rival character is named Hau.

The end of the trailer shows the new Pokédex and that it is possessed by a Rotom that appears to talk to you. There will also be a QR Scanner item that can be used to see new Pokémon, according to the Pokémon website.


ClexYoshiJune 02, 2016

I want that Rotomdex.

I want it to be an actual form for Rotom to use in battle.

DanteZXJune 02, 2016

Damn thing looks like an etchesketch with spatulas for hands.

OedoJune 02, 2016

I'm really liking the changes and additions they've made so far. Bringing back trainer customization. Moving towards a realistic trainer design (this is actually a big one for me). A screenshot in the Japanese Pokemon show showed that spectators may be present during certain battles a couple weeks ago. Even those new HP bars look cool.

I'm not really a fan of Lunala (maybe I'll come to like it more with time), but that's fine, because Solgaleo is totally badass. 

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