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Project X Zone, VVVVVV Removed From eShop

by Donald Theriault - May 6, 2016, 11:26 am EDT
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One was a security flaw, one for reasons unknown

Two of the 3DS's older digital titles have been removed from the eShop, and though one is temporary the fate of the other is up in the air.

2011 indie darling VVVVVV was recently removed following a tweet from creator Terry Cavanaugh about the game possibly being a vector for hacking the system:

As with previous pulldowns for security flaws, the title should be restored following a patch.

The other title recently removed was 2013's Project X Zone. Although its sequel came out earlier this year, BandaiNamco has not spoken out about the game's removal, and attempting to redownload it results in an error message.


Fatty The HuttMay 06, 2016

My guess is something to do with copyright or licencing of all the characters in Project X Zone

Ian SaneMay 06, 2016

You can't redownload Project X Zone if you already bought it?  That really sucks and is the number one reason why I stick with physical copies if possible.  My brother has Project X Zone but fortunately for him it is a physical copy.  Probably is the licensing and since there is a sequel that's the game they would want to sell you now anyway.

EnnerMay 06, 2016

Ah, the shadow of the digital future.

MrPandaMay 06, 2016

I can understand taking down a game eventually, but not being able to redownload a game is harsh...

LemonadeMay 06, 2016

Always buy physical.

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