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Dragon Quest VII Still Coming to North America

by Bryan Rose - March 3, 2016, 2:35 pm PST
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo Direct

Now with a "2016" release date!

The long requested Dragon Quest VII (with new subtitle Fragments of the Forgotten Past) remake is making it's way to North America this year.

The game was talked about briefly in today's Nintendo Direct. It's a brand new version of the original PlayStation title, built from the ground up with new graphics and gameplay exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Of course, with it coming to North America, a completely new translation is also being worked on.

Originally announced for a Summer 2016 release, the game is now simply just scheduled for 2016.


Mop it upMarch 03, 2016

Bummer, I was hoping this would be sooner, but oh well, at least it's releasing!

ejamerMarch 03, 2016

Still excited for this. Originally we were "supposed" to get VII and VIII both this year - sounds like that's no longer going to happen?  (Honestly not sure it needs to... but I really do hope that it VIII still comes out on 3DS.)

Ian SaneMarch 03, 2016

When "still" is in the announcement it usually isn't that good of an announcement. ;)  I was hoping to see this sooner rather than later.  I have tons of old DQ games to get into once I wrap up DQ8 so it's not like I can't tide myself over but with DQ there is always that concern of if not getting localized.  While I'm still confident that DQ7 will get released here will the DQ8 3DS version get released here if the NX has replaced the 3DS by the time it comes out?  Since I have DQ8 I wouldn't bother getting it on the 3DS anyway but it's a great game and I want it available to fans that may have gotten into the series on the DS and shouldn't really have to get an old PS2 to play it (or settle for a mobile port).

Triforce HermitMarch 03, 2016

Hmm not happy about no release date. I'll read between the lines and tell myself that because this is a Spring/Summer release Direct, DQVII is still releasing around then. And that it isn't delayed.

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