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Nintendo Downloads – December 17, 2015

by Donald Theriault - December 17, 2015, 6:08 am EST
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The one with the giant blocky elephant in the room.

Well, it finally happened; after six years of development, four years of console releases and a multi-billion dollar buyout by a console competitor, Minecraft is FINALLY hitting the Wii U. Our leading authority on all things Steve Andy Goergen has written a buyer’s guide on the subject, and his review will come soon.

In other release news – the poor sods – the 3DS picks up a couple of intriguing titles with Circle’s sequel to Legend of Dark Witch and the oddly named The Delusions of Von Sottendorf and His Square Mind. In Virtual Console news, it doesn’t take Deep Thought to know the 3DS stays losing, but the Wii U picks up two Mega Man GBA games for the price of three.

Europe is playing a lot of catchup this week on 3DS, as the Kemco RPG Chronus Arc and the Genesis (Mega Drive) remaster of Steel Empire reach the shop. The catchup carries over to Virtual Console, where Mario Tennis, New Super Mario Bros and Onimusha Tactics are all coming over – though if you were insane enough to buy Mario Tennis Ultra Smash digitally, you’re ahead of the game. Also, Napster is coming to Wii U, sadly without the ability to anger members of Metallica.

North America

42 weeks without a 3DS Virtual Console release; next release February 27.

Wii U eShop

Minecraft: Wii U Edition ($29.99: DLC from $0.99 - $3.99)

TEMPLE OF YOG (US$5.99/C$7.99: since Wednesday)

Island Flight Simulator ($7.99/$9.99)

3DS eShop

The Delusions of Von Sottendorf and His Square Mind ($12.99/$17.28)

The Legend of Dark Witch 2 ($6.99/$9.29)

Wii U Virtual Console

Mega Man Zero 4 (GBA) ($7.99)

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel and Team Protoman (GBA) ($6.99 ea)

3DS Themes

The Legend of Dark Witch: Blad, Klinsy, Sola

Sega Hi-Tech Theme

Sales and Price Drops

Curve Digital games will be on sale through December 31.

Etrian Odyssey IV and Etrian Mystery Dungeon are on sale from December 21 - January 4.

Fractured Soul is $2.39 (from $11.99) until January 7.

WayForward titles including Shantae and the Pirate's Curse / Mighty Switch Force are on sale until January 6.

Costume Quest 2 is $4.99 (from $14.99) from December 21 - 28.

Swords and Soldiers II is $13.99 (from $19.99) until December 31.

Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition is on sale until December 26.

Turtle Tale (Wii U / 3DS) is $1.49 (from $2.99) until January 7.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is $4.99 (from $9.99) until January 4.

Star Sky is $2 (from $4) until December 31.

Momonga Pinball Adventures is $2.99 (from $5.99) until December 31.

Tengami is $4.99 (from $9.99) from December 23 - January 11.

Tilelicious: Delicious Tiles is $2.99 (from $5.99) until January 6.

Arrow Time U is $0.99 (from $1.99) until January 7.

Art of Balance is $6.70 (from $8.99) until January 7.

Armillo is $4.99 (from $7.99) from December 18 - January 1.

Canvaleon is $6.95 (from $9.95) until December 31.

Engine Software titles are on sale until January 4.

CIRCLE Ent. titles are on sale until January 7.

Joindots titles are on sale until December 31.

The Maze and Journey of a Special Average Balloon are on sale until January 2.


Wii U eShop

Minecraft: Wii U Edition (€29.99/£19.99: DLC from €0.99/£0.79 to €3.99/£3.19)

Island Flight Simulator (€7.99/£5.99)

Ascent of Kings (€1.99/£1.49)

Job the Leperchaun (€2.99/£2.69)

3DS eShop

Steel Empire (€15.99/£14.39)

Chronus Arc (€9.99/£8.99)

The Delusions of Von Sottendorf and His Square Mind (€12.99/£11.69)

Wii U Virtual Console

Mario Tennis (N64) (€9.99/£8.99)

New Super Mario Bros (DS) (€9.99/£8.99)

Onimusha Tactics (GBA) (€6.99/£6.29)

Wii U Applications

Napster (free: subscription to service required)

3DS Themes

Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum and BMO (€1.99/£1.79)

Persona Q (€0.99/£0.89)

Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker: Apocalypse (€0.99/£0.89)

Etrian Mystery Dungeon (€0.99/£0.89)

Geronimo Stilton: Mountains, Pilot, Christmas (€0.99/£0.89), Animation Pack and Classic Pack (€1.99/£1.79)

Sales and Price Drops

Listed here


Fatty The HuttDecember 17, 2015

Island Flight Simulator looks potentially interesting. Might scratch that Pilotwings itch. Anyone heard anything about this game?

SorenDecember 17, 2015

Lone Survivor is $2. Got get it people.

broodwarsDecember 17, 2015

Well, crap...more backlog material.

ejamerDecember 17, 2015

Quote from: Soren

Lone Survivor is $2. Got get it people.

I was kind of hoping that another Nindie Humble Bundle would come out with these games - I mean, they seem like prime candidates IF it happens - but at $2 for this and Thomas Was Alone I'm not going to bother waiting.

(Already own both games elsewhere, but am far more likely to actually play them on Wii U.)

Some very good sales this week.


Curve Digital games will be on sale through December 31.

Some clarification on this: The Swapper is basically being sold at a loss right now in Canada. It's three bucks from a regular of $21.99.

ShyGuyDecember 18, 2015

I got my Minecraft!

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