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Trauma Team Getting North American Digital Release Tomorrow

by Donald Theriault - December 2, 2015, 10:52 am EST
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December continues to deliver the big hits on the eShop.

Tomorrow's eShop update in North America will be bringing a relative rarity.

Trauma Team, the 2010 Atlus published adventure game/surgery simulator, will launch on the eShop tomorrow at noon Eastern time for US$19.99/C$24.99. This marks the first 3rd party Wii title to get a digital release on the North American eShop.

The game is an expanded version of the Trauma Center titles that includes forensics, endoscopy and diagnostics in addition to high-speed surgery. Neal Ronaghan gave the game a 9 in his 2010 review.


StratosDecember 02, 2015

It's a fun game to play with a friend in co-op. Worth checking out if you liked the DS games.

PhilPhillip Stortzum, December 02, 2015

I want to track down the original Wii release. A title glaringly missing from my collection of Wii games.

KhushrenadaDecember 02, 2015

Nice try Trauma Center but I'm not buying you. I still haven't even played the physical copy I own of you yet so there's no way I'm paying for another copy of a game I haven't even played.

broodwarsDecember 02, 2015

Good pick. IIRC, it's a rare Wii game, and it's one I've wanted to try since RFN went on about it for years. $20 is a bit steep for me, but it's an Atlus game so it'll probably be on sale fairly regularly. :P

SorenDecember 02, 2015

My eShop cash is saved up for FAST Racing Neo, but I'll probably pick this up during a lull in the spring/summer.

ejamerDecember 02, 2015

This is a great game from a very good series.
Very happy to see it on eShop so that more people can (hopefully) experience and enjoy it - even though it doesn't really benefit me since I own the physical disc.

Still waiting and hoping for Xenoblade.  NoA really should have released that a few months ago... now with X just about to release it seems like we won't get it for quite a few months.

TOPHATANT123December 02, 2015

Like many Atlus games around that period it was never even released in Europe. Then again we're getting Zack and Wiki this week so maybe a hostage negotiation can be arranged.

KhushrenadaDecember 09, 2015

Why did I buy this? I said I wasn't going to but then I did. Darn you e-shop for making it so easy to buy things. Why am I still so weak?

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