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New Amiibo, Exclusives Revealed By Amiibo Kiosks

by Donald Theriault - November 14, 2015, 12:17 pm PST
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A 3rd wave of Animal Crossing characters may be coming.

Updated Amiibo kiosks in North American retailers have revealed a few new Amiibo, and a couple of retail exclusives.

Target has revealed the Famicom-colored R.O.B. will be sold in America, and new Animal Crossing Amiibo will be made for Kapp'n, Rover and Timmy and Tommy Nook as a single Amiibo. The Nooks will be a Target exclusive.

GameStop has a similar kiosk that has revealed the Roy Amiibo to be exclusive to that retailer in the United States.

High resolution images courtesy Nintendo Inquirer



StratosNovember 14, 2015

About time Roy started showing up!

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