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Nintendo of America Announces Further Amiibo Restocks

by Donald Theriault - September 30, 2015, 10:25 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

"Show me that you're really feeling it, Mac!"

Nintendo has announced another round of Amiibo restocks, and some previous exclusives may get wider availability.

A Twitter post from Nintendo confirmed that Fox, Captain Falcom, Little Mac, Shulk, Lucario and Greninja will be restocked at "select retailers" soon. Listings have appeared at retailers indicating exclusivity of the Amiibo may have only been a temporary measure, such as Shulk (GameStop), Lucario and Greninja (Toys 'R Us). Toys 'R Us is also showing a Shulk listing.

There is precedent for Amiibo exclusivity being timed, as the Canadian branch of Best Buy has sold Lucario online previously despite Toys 'R Us's exclusivity extending North of the 49th.


fred13September 30, 2015

I just want one of the Fire Emblem Characters (Preferribly Robin) to use while playing Codename Steam. Since buying that game I haven't seen a single one of those 4 characters.

kokumakerSeptember 30, 2015

Yeah, Nintendo has a tea aversion to stocking the Fire Emblem characters. Except for Marth, they were all by far the most difficult amiibo for me to hunt down.

StratosSeptember 30, 2015

I still need Robin and Lucina. At least I got Ike and Marth. Makes me concerned about getting Roy too since he would be my favorite.

I am hoping that we see a solid restock of them all come the release of FE Fates. Maybe a combo pack with purchase of a special edition?

Triforce HermitSeptember 30, 2015

Good to know about Fox. I still want Lucina and Palutena restocks.

Mop it upOctober 01, 2015

It's good to hear that they're making more of these, and I hope they continue to do that with more of them since I'm not interested in any of these ones.

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