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Cat Mario Statues Available from First 4 Figures

by Justin Berube - September 22, 2015, 11:54 am EDT
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The latest Nintendo themed statues are now available for pre-order.

Various collectable Cat Mario statues have just been put up for pre-order from manufacturer First 4 Figures. Three different variations of the Super Mario 3D World inspired piece are being sold, all of which are scheduled to ship out in Q2 2016.

All three version of the figure are the same size standing at 15 inches tall. The Standard variant comes with just Cat Mario standing on a Question Mark Block, is limited to 2000 pieces, and costs $209.99. The Exclusive version includes the same Cat Mario statue as in the Standard version, but also includes a statue of a hit Block holding a Lucky Bell power-up on top. The Exclusive version is limited to 750 pieces and costs $259.99.

Finally, for the first time ever, First 4 Figures has a Super Exclusive version of one of their statues. The Lucky Cat Mario statue comes with everything included in the Exclusive Version, but it has a nice looking shiny gold finish on both pieces included in the bundle. The Lucky Cat Mario statue will be the rarest First 4 Figures statue yet with only 125 pieces being produced and is being sold for $399.99. Those wishing to get one now will have a hard time though, as all the pre-orders sold out quickly and anyone looking for one will have to be placed on a wait list.



CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterSeptember 28, 2015

I've finally figured 1st Figures out. These are the types of things I buy with my extra income but I don't want too many. When they first get a license with Nintendo they tend to bring out an alternate version of the main character first before the default. They know people like me really want just basic bare bones red overalls Mario but since almost nothing of Mario exists we scoop up the first thing that comes out.

Zelda - 1st out Fierce Diety - I would have been content with Link on Epona.

Kirby - 1st out Sword Kirby - Not biting! It's either regular, wings or jester for me!

Mario - 1st out Tanooki Mario - ok I'll bite.

Metroid and Sonic both started with their leading characters in the most "default" way possible.

Star Fox will probably be similar with like the Land Master before the Arwing.

Once they get the Donkey Kong License I will be set for life! It's my dream to own some high end huge DK statues!

azekeSeptember 29, 2015

Wow, talk about tacky-looking.

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