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Excitebike Arena Coming in First Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack

by Alex Osborn - October 28, 2014, 10:00 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Nintendo

Watch out for those ramps!

Excitebike Arena will be among the first batch of downloadable tracks coming to Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has just confirmed.

The track itself will feature a dynamic element, as the location of its speed boosts and ramps will change with every new race.

Excitebike Arena will join the previously revealed Yoshi's Circuit and Wario's Gold Mine in the first of two confirmed add-on packs coming to the Wii U-exclusive racer. You can pre-order each DLC pack for $7.99 or buy both for $11.99. The first pack will be available next month, while the second is set to launch sometime in May 2015.

We already got a look at this track earlier in the year when Nintendo first announced the DLC; however, now we can say with certainty that Excitebike Arena will be part of the first wave of DLC, which is just weeks away from release.


CericOctober 28, 2014

I'm glad there having fun with this DLC.

KITT 10KOctober 28, 2014

Me too! (Although I'm going out of my mind waiting for it!)

jglonekOctober 28, 2014

When you said Arena I was hoping for an actual Battle Mode arena :(

KITT 10KOctober 28, 2014

I thought using the actual race tracks as the battle arenas was a cool idea, but I've never been big on playing battle so it doesn't really matter to me. All I care about it the races, (HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that I don't want them to leave it out of the game. Because I do still play on occasion).

WindyManSteven Rodriguez, Staff AlumnusOctober 28, 2014

H H H H H H H H H H H H M H H H H H H H  H

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorOctober 28, 2014

It'd be neat if they made it so you could customize this track. :D

SorenOctober 28, 2014

An oval track with two tight hairpin turns at each end? This might be as close to Baby Park as we'll get.

AdrockOctober 28, 2014


Mop it upOctober 29, 2014

This just makes me want a new Excite game.

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