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Fantasy Life Announced for Release on 3DS

by Clay Johnson - June 10, 2014, 11:18 am PDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo PR

This RPG from Level-5 will come to North America in October.

Fantasy Life, a 3DS RPG developed by Level-5, is coming to North America in October. The game was originally released in Japan in December 2012 and has been rumored to come out in other territories for quite some time.

Gameplay in Fantasy Life revolves around inhabiting 12 Life classes which players can switch between at almost any time in order to utilize different abilities. Players can inhabit the roles of fighters, crafters, gatherers, lumberjacks, fishermen, and more. As those choices imply, some classes are suited for combat and others for more peaceful activities, so players' preferences will shape their experiences as they explore an open world and customize their lifestyles and living quarters.


ejamerJune 10, 2014

Yay! This game looks and sounds awesome. Fantastic news that it's getting released here. :)

Mop it upJune 10, 2014

Animal Crossing meets RPG?

azekeJune 10, 2014

From what i heard it's Animal Crossing with actual gameplay and goals put in.
Release it in PAL pls.

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