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Capcom Employee Comments on Lack of Mega Man Titles

by Bryan Rose - May 27, 2014, 8:01 pm EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Capcom Unity

Four years isn't an extraordinary gap, they say.

A Capcom employee has recently defended the current lack of Mega Man games in a post on Capcom's official message boards.

An employee by the name of GregaMan commented that, "Four years is certainly a large gap for Mega Man, which has some 129 titles to its name spanning just 25 years, but not an extraordinarily large gap for your average IP."

He continued, saying "Even without a recent title, Mega Man has a constant presence, be it in our news reel, the Japanese investor relations site, the frequently updated Rockman Unity blog in Japan, or with frequent rereleases in the digital space."

The last Mega Man title, Mega Man 10, was released in March of 2010. Keiji Inafune, creator of the series, left in October of that year and all Mega Man games following his departure were cancelled.


TriponMay 28, 2014

What is extraordinary is that you canceled two different development projects (Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man Universe) and refuse to make another 8 bit Mega Man game despite the high ROI such a project would return.

Sigh, just make games people want Capcom, and they'll pay you for it.

EnnerMay 28, 2014

The same can be said of the Metroid series whose last entry, Metroid: Other M, was released four years ago in 2010.

However, the last Metroid game left many bitter and has only grown more so since. The last major development with the Mega Man series was cancellations of all the projects including the much anticipated Mega Man Legends 3. While I share the sentiment that four years is not a massive gap and think that the last generation's heavy load of sequels have skewed the audience's senses, it doesn't displace the anxiety for the future of these series.

Triforce HermitMay 28, 2014

I wouldn't be nearly as irritated by this if MML3 was released, but since it isn't.....

the asylumMay 28, 2014

gotta stick it to inafune moar

Ian SaneMay 28, 2014

Four years wouldn't be out of place for a normal franchise but Mega Man games used to be cranked out at a feverish pace.  For Capcom to go so long without a Mega Man game and to cancel two projects suggests that the whole series has been canned.

Mighty No. 9 got kickstarter funding based on basically being an unofficial Mega Man game.  There is demand, Capcom, but by all means let someone else fill it.

CericMay 28, 2014

There is probably something to do with Inafune and money/control that they are waiting out.

ClexYoshiMay 28, 2014

you folks are also forgetting the canceled Armature Studios game "X", and the canceled "By Popular Demand" Rockman Xover.

The other thing you have to remember is that Gregaman was also hired on by Capcom specifically to serve as liaison and translator between the Japanese and English versions of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom. I've heard the man on The Mega Man Network's old Megacast and I've seen his posts. If ANY guy at capcom is lobbying for the blue bomber, it's him, even if he has very little power and has to make statements like these to try and quell the fires that start in the closest of close Capcom forums.

smallsharkbigbiteMay 28, 2014

Capcom shouldn't talk about Mega Man unless it's to talk about the release of a new Mega Man game. 

jarodeaMay 28, 2014

Quote from: smallsharkbigbite

Capcom shouldn't talk about Mega Man unless it's to talk about the release of a new Mega Man game. 

I don't know if I want to see that Mega Man game.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMay 28, 2014

translation: "Don't worry we still have the body"

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