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Phoenix Wright Demo Available Now

by Andrew Brown - October 1, 2013, 7:25 am PDT
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Trial some trials today!

A playable demo for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is available to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now, as soon as the Nintendo Direct video concludes.

The demo is likely the one that was on show at this year's E3, featuring the opening trial and the all new Mood Matrix mode, in which you read witness' emotions to cross reference against their testimonies.

The full version of the game will become available on October 29.


KhushrenadaOctober 01, 2013

Hopefully it gets more people to jump into this series.

motangOctober 01, 2013

This is awesome!  :cool;

KhushrenadaOctober 01, 2013

Wonder if your demo save gets transfered to the actual game when you buy it. If so, I may give myself a headstart on this.

azekeOctober 01, 2013

I haven't started the game but i'm already laughing just looking at the icon, it's like two sides of one room with Apollo and new girl on one side and Phoenix sitting by himself on other side.

azekeOctober 01, 2013

Finished the demo. It was great. I love dramatic 3d camera effects in courtroom. Models looks super detailed, one of the best looking 3ds games for sure. New gimmick with emotion scanner is alright.
I really like how game now has backlog where you can quickly read previous conversations.

Takumi or not, this game look great.

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