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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Comes to the eShop

by Becky Hollada - September 26, 2013, 11:03 pm EDT
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Just in case you were waiting for it.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition is available as a digital download on the eShop starting today.

After releasing in Japan’s eShop earlier in September, Super Street Fighter IV’s digital download will now be available for $19.99 in the US. While keeping all the recognizable mechanics of Street Fighter we all know and love, Super Street Fighter IV turns it up a notch. A new, over-the-shoulder camera angle has been added, using the 3D capability provide a new dynamic to the fight. Players can also battle one another locally and worldwide on the internet using the 3DS’s connectivity.


azekeSeptember 27, 2013

I am not even asking to update the game to two editions that have come since.

But could you please fix touch controls a bit? Namely add cooldown for touchscreen combos that require delay like Sonic Boom or Honda's head thrust?

Still a great game. The best online on 3DS, i played along with Kid Icarus.

Also i'm pretty sure you can get the game in retail for twice as less than this eShop price.

RazorkidSeptember 27, 2013

This is fantastic! Time to sell my physical copy. I bought the game at launch and put over 13hrs into it, but having to swap out the cart just got inconvenient for the type of game it is.

MiyamotoSeptember 28, 2013

I'd be interested yet once again it's priced out of contention. In related news, I just downloaded Street Fighter X Tekken in more Vita as part of the

MiyamotoSeptember 28, 2013

... Instant Game Collection on Playstation Plus.

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