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Disney Infinity May Have Cost Upwards of $100 Million

by Zack Kaplan - August 16, 2013, 6:54 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014241278873234..., The Wall Street Journal

Will Disney Infinity succeed or will it leave the company executives feeling like Eeyore? 

Disney Infinity cost The Walt Disney Company $100 million according to insiders close to the company.

The high budget of Disney Infinity includes the cost of making both the game and the figures that go along with it. Disney CEO Robert "Bob" Iger alluded to how the game will affect Disney Interactive back in February saying, "If 'Infinity does well, it bodes very well for the bottom line of this unit. If it doesn't do well, the opposite will be the case."

Disney Infinity releases in North America on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS (subtitled Toy Box Challenge) on August 18, and in Europe on August 23.


Jasae BushaeAugust 16, 2013

If it does well, I can totally see Secret of Monkey Island, Star Wars and Marvel finding their way into this game.
Hmm...What would a Marvel playset be? New York? Shield helicarrier?
Star Wars would probably be the Death star or tatooine...

While Monkey Island is less likely, I dearly want to see it tossed in, with perhaps Lechuck, guybrush and Elaine as characters included in the playset... As for a location from that verse...Doubtless it would be either Melee Island or Monkey Island itself.

Hmm....If this is a success, I suppose we could probasbly see additions from every single Disney film ever...And perhaps the pixar ones as well. Oooh~ The Rescuers~ That would be nice.

smallsharkbigbiteAugust 16, 2013

They are releasing for the PS3/Xbox 360 as well.  They probably have to sell at least 2-3 million units across all platforms (taking into account extra sales for characters).  That's a reasonable target, but I'm not quite sure they'll get there since they are late and Skylanders seems to have a hold on the genre.

Just really having a hard time believing this is a $100 M game.  That is ridiculous. 

Spak-SpangAugust 17, 2013

I think it will easily sell the numbers.  I mean Skylanders may have a head start, but has no name recognition.  Disney has the name recognition and will get collectors of toys and gamers buying it up. 

CericAugust 17, 2013

Honestly I think Disney Infinity is too late.  This is the Second try from Disney to combat Skylanders.  The first didn't go so well but was cheaper.  This one Skylanders is in its own way petering out but it has done a good job making more expansion with the brand itself.  I think we only have maybe one more large Skylander release to go.

I don't think Infinity is going to have the legs.  Its very hard to replicate a fad.

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