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Organic Panic Kickstarter Aims for Wii U Release

by Nicholas Bray - July 28, 2013, 8:53 pm PDT
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A game where fruits and vegetables fight against meats and cheeses.

Organic Panic, a new game from Last Limb Games, will be coming to the Wii U if their current Kickstarter campaign is a success.

The game is a physics based platformer, featuring destructible environments, much like the Worms series. The playable characters are various fruits and vegetables, each with their own abilities and strengths over things such as water, fire and even gravity. The game will also feature a strong level editing component so that players can share and create their own levels.

The Kickstarter currently has 10 days left with $19,718 of the $40,000 raised so far. Check out the pitch video below.


TJ SpykeJuly 28, 2013

I REALLY hope they reach the goal, and not just because I want as many games on Wii U as possible.

red14July 29, 2013

Kickstarter's a piece of living sh*t. They get to keep the money even if your pitch fails. mc chris raised over 70,000 dollars for a 6 minute cartoon pitch, and he got turned down by adult swim, whom he had done voice overs and helped animate cartoons for, for over a decade. Life isn't always so simple.

TJ SpykeJuly 29, 2013

red, stop bitching. All Kickstarter gets is a 5% fee, which they only collect if you reach your goal. If anything, the people who donated should be pissed because this guy took their money and failed to deliver. You are getting pissed at Kickstarter because this guy used the site to raise money and then failed to deliver his product? And guess what, dozens of shows get turned down every year. Even shows from famous people get failed to get picked up. Last year a pilot with Martin Lawrence was not picked up.

It's baffling how you can possibly be mad at KICKSTARTER for this. The site let him raise money to pitch a show, that doesn't mean a network is required to pick the show up. MC Chris is the one who got the money, so why don't you be pissed at him for not paying back people who contributed to it? So you want Kickstarter to give their 5% fee back, even though MC Chris got his $70,000+ and doesn't have to pay back a dime of it? I am not sure if you are trolling or just don't know how Kickstarter actually works. Kickstarter does not guarantee a project will be delivered, that falls on the shoulders of the person raising the money. If you don't think they will deliver, don't donate.

TJ SpykeJuly 29, 2013

Say you raise $70,000 on Kickstarter (meeting your goal). The site gets a $3,500 fee (5%) for handling it and in the US Amazon gets another 3-5% for processing the payments. You are then left with $63,000. You spend that money to put together a pitch for a show and present it to a network, but the network decides they don't want the show. Why should Kickstarter essentially lose $66,500 (paying money that you and Amazon collected) just because YOUR project failed? You still raised the money, and it's not Kickstarter's fault that you couldn't produce a project anyone wanted to air.

I think it's BS that Kickstarter let Penny Arcade break Kickstarter's own rules against "Fund My Life" projects (Penny Arcade taking money to get rid of ads on their site) just because they wanted the 5% fee they would get, but it's downright insans for you to be upset because they MC Chris guy couldn't create a show that Adult Swim wanted to pick up with the money.

TJ SpykeJuly 29, 2013

BTW, this MC Chris guy is a douche. Last year at a show he had a fan kicked out for posting a TWEET criticizing the opening act for the show.

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